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Covid-19: Guidance for MMC Members September 2021

Before arriving at MMC

Please do not come to MMC if:

  • you feel unwell (Including have mild cold or flu symptoms).
  • you have tested positive for Covid-19 (PCR or Lateral flow) and currently are expected to be infectious.
  • someone you live with or have very close contact with has tested positive.
  • you are under government instructions to self-isolate for any reason.

We request you to use lateral flow tests regularly (ideally before you leave for MMC on a Saturday morning).

Bring your own music stand, pencil, mutes etc.  Do not share equipment (use hand sanitiser if no other option).

Bring your own refreshments.  In the short term, the coffee shop will not be open, however, a small “tuck shop” will be in operation.  Please bring change, so we can reduce the handling of cash.  Please consume food and drink (except for bottled water) in the coffee shop area.

During MMC group sessions

Please remain at least 1 metre apart from your peers whilst playing in your group.  Be respectful of each other’s space and be mindful of the concerns of others around you.  Some members may wish for greater distancing.

Wash or sanitise your hands on arrival and regularly after that.

If you are concerned about taking a seat that someone else has just been sitting in, then be prepared to wipe it over yourself. Take any wipes used home to discard.

Face coverings when walking around inside the buildings are recommended.

Doors and windows will be kept open where practical - consider bringing warm clothing.

Avoid touching shared surfaces as much as possible.  If you need to touch someone else’s instrument – for example, to assist with tuning, ensure sanitised hands before and after touching.

Instrument/Group Specific Requests

Singers – be prepared to wear face-covering whilst singing if requested to do so.

Wind and Brass players – Please bring a drip mat to go on the floor underneath your instrument or wipe up any drips with an anti-viral wipe.  Seal the drip mat in a bag and take it home to wash.

Pianists - Please sanitise your hands and allow them to dry before touching the piano keyboard.  Keyboards should also be wiped over between players.

Percussion players – Please sanitise your hands before touching the kit, and if possible, bring your own sticks.

Additional Notes

Please let us know if you have a positive test by emailing

If you wish to discuss any of the above measures please contact the front desk or email  

Hand sanitiser will be available at the front desk and around the buildings.  Please also bring your own.

Even if you have been vaccinated, please comply with the above.

Reference Source: Making Music