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Forms and Policies

Once you have decided to join, please complete an registration form.  If you pay Income tax or Capital Gains tax please do consider signing up for Gift Aid.
Online Learning Agreement
We insist on safety for our members and tutors while on-line.
Generous support from our supporters and sponsors enables us to hold a bursary fund that provides financial assistance for those that would not otherwise be able to attend Macclesfield Music Centre.
We aim to ensure that MMC does everything possible to safeguard children and young people who are involved with MMC in any way.
Safer Recruiting
Safer practice in recruitment means thinking about and including issues to do with child protection and safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children at each stage of the procedure.
Code of Conduct
Macclesfield Music Centre is run on good-will by volunteers with generous support from the King’s School. An ethos of trust, mutual support and respect is essential to maintain these relationships for the benefit of members.
Data Protection
We recognise the importance of your data and the need to protect it.  These documents set-out the data we hold and how we use it.