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Musicians from Macclesfield and the area are welcome to register for Macclesfield Music Centre's Zoom Courses as we re-open for business in spring 2021. This will be on-line with our team of expert tutors guiding us through making music virtually (a new experience for many).

All of our courses/sessions are described on our on-line courses page to help you decide which core/additional/supplementary items will meet your needs.

Course Fees are:  

  • Single member: £40
  • Two family members: £75
  • Three or more family members: £105

With each registration, you can attend a core course and optionally additional supporting courses (see our on-line courses page for details). If you would like to attend more than one core course this is possible but requires a second registration form and fee.

If you wish to register multiple family members, please submit a separate registration form for each family member, using the same membership number for the bill payer.

Our course fees are set as low as possible to encourage maximum participation during the pandemic. Given this, we are unable to offer a reduction in fees if you join part way through the term.

If you are new to MMC and are unsure about whether to join we recommend that you fill in a registration form, try out the course for the first two weeks, and then complete payment when you are sure that you wish to continue to attend. Payment is required for anyone attending three or more sessions.

Generous support from our Bursary donors enables us to hold a fund that provides financial assistance for those that would not otherwise be able to attend Macclesfield Music Centre. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this support.

If you have a question about which group would be most suited to you or a membership query, please mail us at our  mailbox.

Once you have decided to register, please complete our Registration Form: note that new registrations will close at 5 pm on the Thursday prior to each Saturday. To join our first session registration is needed by midnight on Sunday 12th January.

Please check the box on the form for Gift Aid if you can as this allows us to boost the value of your subscription by up to 25%.  Further guidance on Gift Aid can be found at:
HMRC Gift Aid